Episode 30 – Mastering Pro Crypto Trade

Written by on January 25, 2018

About The Guest

Joshua W. DeWitt is a CEO and Co-Founder Masters of Security Analysis Portfolio Management, Creighton University. Worked collectively on a team managing over 300 million at Merrill Lynch. 8 years in the finance industry with a history of trading various instruments including debt, equities, derivatives, FX and more. Expertise in portfolio construction and analysis. Early cryptocurrency miner, trader, and adopter.


CoinLion is a simple, powerful, and secure digital asset management platform that enables controlled, disciplined investment management processes digital assets easy and efficient. CoinLion contains a unique portfolio management tool and profile system that rewards users for sharing portfolios, strategies, and information relating to the management of digital assets. The CoinLion platform is designed to address the challenges crypto investors face in the currently fragmented management and trading environment CoinLion is dedicated to bringing stability, and simplicity to digital asset investing through a single trusted interface. Through a compliant, user-friendly portfolio management platform, CoinLion enables users to purchase and trade with confidence. CoinLion users join a community of cryptocurrency experts, which empowers and incentivizes its members to create and share portfolios, offer trade strategies, and share research they need to make highly informed decisions. This ensures the sustained health and strength of the community and platform as it continues to grow. A native token, LION, can be earned and spent within the platform, based on member contributions and needs within the community. LION will be used as the currency that rewards and incentivizes member contributions to the community and serves as the payment to access these valuable assets.
CoinLion – CoinLion.com
telegram group – https://t.me/CoinLion_Platform

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Episode 30 – Mastering Pro Crypto Trade


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