Episode 29 – Post ICO Exploits

Written by on January 4, 2018

About The Guest

Hayden Miyamoto is a serial entrepreneur, investor and crypto enthusiast. His latest venture Wired Investors is a private equity firm that specializes in identifying, purchasing and operating digital businesses. In two short years, they have established a portfolio of 17 businesses and counting. Wired Investors has also advised multiple successful ICOs and are helping those companies with their post-ICO activities by crafting press and partnership strategies as well as sourcing acquisitions.


WiredInvestors.com – Hayden’s private equity and crypto advisement firm.

NoHatDigital.com – Hayden’s personal blog around digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

IncreaseVisibility.com – WiredInvestor’s in-house agency that does content strategy, PR, and social media management post-ICO.


Episode 30 – Mastering Pro Crypto Trade


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