As angel investors grow more and more savvy, pressure is built on entrepreneurs to bring more to the table.  Consider this: the first time the world saw a massive exchange of assets over any enterprise that claimed to produce a product with minimum viability was during the Dot Com boom. Today, we stand at the […]

Bad people are smart. They can devise ways to do things in the most imaginative ways. Dare I say, they might be the most creative amongst us. You stop them or try regulating what they do, they will come back with greater vigor.  One common argument that has been raised over and over again is […]

Current Crypto Market scenario: With advancements in technology all over the globe, every sector is adopting new techniques that are revolutionizing how things are done. Relating to the currency and business model, the world is witnessing a boom in cryptocurrency and bitcoins. On 19th November, Bitcoin value mounted an all-time high of $ 8000, thus […]

Let us for a moment step back in time and understand what lies at the heart of the Bitcoin movement. Even before concerns regarding the inefficiencies and the overbearingly regulated nature of traditional banking systems were raised; about three decades ago in the hearts of a few well-meaning Cyberpunks, grim projections were made about the […]

Episode 30 – Mastering Pro Crypto Trade


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