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Ever imagined a friend of your’s answering all your crypto questions. How easy life would have been if this was real. But hey, this is real now. We are proud to present Mohit Mamoria, a young crypto expert and a serial entrepreneur who will satisfy your crypto curiosities through our video podcast – titled CryptoKnights […]

After the biggest practical joke in the world of Crypto Currencies, learn how to identify dubious ICOs.

Listen to Dr. Kanth Miriyala cut through all the noise and hype surrounding Crypto Currencies. Find out how are cryptocurrencies valued.

Whitepapers are the birthplace of ICOs. Listen to Dr. Kanth to learn more.

Listen to Dr. Kanth Miriyala cut through all the noise and hype surrounding Crypto Currencies. Find out Will blockchain will be new banking system.

About The Guest Joshua W. DeWitt is a CEO and Co-Founder Masters of Security Analysis Portfolio Management, Creighton University. Worked collectively on a team managing over 300 million at Merrill Lynch. 8 years in the finance industry with a history of trading various instruments including debt, equities, derivatives, FX and more. Expertise in portfolio construction […]

About The Guest Hayden Miyamoto is a serial entrepreneur, investor and crypto enthusiast. His latest venture Wired Investors is a private equity firm that specializes in identifying, purchasing and operating digital businesses. In two short years, they have established a portfolio of 17 businesses and counting. Wired Investors has also advised multiple successful ICOs and […]

ABOUT THE GUEST As a former electronic FX and metals traders for Citi, the largest bank in FX, Lawrence learned firsthand all aspects of the global FX market. His entrepreneurial spirit mixed with his passion for trading and fairness in the markets, led him to found Zerosum and the ZFX Token. Lawrence first became involved […]

ABOUT THE GUEST Over 20 years of experience in design, development, and marketing of new products in the Payments industry. Skilled at taking businesses from concept stage to multi-million dollar revenue. Experience in managing P&L’s, Business development, ISO/MSP, Referral & Reseller partnerships with Banks, Channel Mgmt, White labeling, Patents, and Lead multicultural teams. Skilled at […]

ABOUT THE GUEST Andrew Stanford is an Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Business Relationship Management, Business Planning, Investment Management, Sales, and Cryptocurrency. He also is a strong business development professional with a Master of Science in Information Systems from San Diego State University […]

Episode 30 – Mastering Pro Crypto Trade


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